2018 Immersion Summer Camp in Yangshuo–In Registration Now!

2018 Immersion Summer Camp in Yangshuo–In Registration Now!

Yangshuo, a picturesque town in Southern China, is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination, characterized by crystal clear rivers, limestone crags, lush vegetation, traditional Chinese architecture and customs.

Collaborating with Omeida Chinese Academy(欧美达中文学院),we are organizing a Mandarin Immersion Summer Camp in Yangshuo in July 2018. The 15-day program offers customized Mandarin classes, authentic Chinese cuisine, cultural experience and many beautiful places to explore. Join us and immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture! Individuals and families are all welcome.

Highlights of the Program:

1 Take practical and fun Mandarin classes
2 Practice Chinese calligraphy/brush painting, play music instruments, make embroidered balls, etc.
3 Visit local tea plantation, tour ancient towns and explore the natural beauty of the countryside
4 Play sports and outdoor activities, such as Badminton, PingPong, Jianzi, TaiChi, etc.
5 Interact with the locals daily

For registration and more information, please check:

Summer Camp in China


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