Business Mandarin Training


We provide a wide range of Mandarin language courses to suit the needs of your corporation, organization and your staff. We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ goals and needs. Therefore, we are able to create the most practical training program that also allows for maximum flexibility in scheduling. All training can be conducted at our training centres and/or onsite at the clients’ location.

Intercultural Communication Workshops

We offer a wide range of programs and services that specifically address the growing challenges of intercultural business communication. Since it is important to respect and observe local customs while doing business in another country, we encourage and teach cultural understanding – the do’s and don’ts when working with people from China.

In addition to language instruction, we offer workshops to assist companies and individual professionals on achieving successful cross-cultural business interactions, specifically with Chinese businesses and individuals.

In our workshops, we discuss topics like:

  • cultural perspectives – understanding and respecting differences
  • managing miscommunication
  • negotiation techniques
  • social etiquette – eating and drinking, greetings, gift giving, etc.

We will help you answer your questions, allay any fears, break down any assumptions and work out any challenges.

Language Assessment

Toronto Mandarin School provides customized Mandarin language assessment services for companies and organizations that:

  1. may be expanding into the Chinese market
  2. are responding to the needs of their Chinese clientele

We can provide industry-specific, language assessments (communication skills, comprehension, training requirements, etc.) of prospective applicants or existing employees.


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