Our Students’ Talent and Creativity Shone in “The Earth and I” Writing Competition

How to make our students feel connected in the middle of a pandemic? How to help our young learners reflect on and understand what has been happening in the world? These are the questions we have been thinking about since the pandemic started.

Writing competition has been an annual tradition at our school. This year, we specifically moved the competition online: In May 2020, we held a school-wide writing competition themed “Earth and I” with a focus on our young learners. Not only did we gave our students an opportunity to show their Mandarin skills, but also helped them put their understanding into some of the global issues and apply it to their own projects. From preschoolers all the way to 9th Graders, almost 500 students from our weekend classes, Mississauga campus, and SMILE program in downtown Toronto participated in this competition.

What does Earth mean to me? What is happening to Earth? What can we do to protect our mother planet? Our young learners poured their creativity, imagination, and critical thinking into their projects and shared their insights in Mandarin. We are truly amazed by the many forms of their work: drawings, paintings, posters, writing, poems, videos, handcrafts, e-books and inventions. You name it.

Based on the number of students of each grade and class, we selected 64 students proportionally as our final winners. Below you can see some of the students’ projects. It is only a small portion out of all the works we have received, but it gives you a sneak peek of what our students have achieved through their Mandarin learning!

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Over the past 18 years, we have entertained, taught and inspired thousands of children of age 2 to 14 years old from all regions in Greater Toronto Area to love learning Mandarin. We strive to create a full-Mandarin language learning environment so that children can experience and learn the language in many different ways that are filled with fun activities such as songs & poetry, music & movements, creative art projects, cooking classes, sports and outdoor games, as well as field trips. Whether you are playing soccer with your classmates, or you are having lunch with your friends, children are encouraged to speak in Mandarin all the time. Everyday repetition and positive reinforcement is the key to successful learning.

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JINGBAO Staff Training Workshops held at our Richmond Hill Campus

Better teachers, better students. JINGBAO staff training was held at our Richmond Hill campus on April 21 and April 28, 2018.

All of our preschool staff including the site supervisors attended these two days event. The workshop was led by Ms. Jinder Virdee, a notable Early Childhood Educator and lecturer from Seneca College. The discussion of the session was about professionalism and effective communication, which was the key to work well in a team environment.

Staff shared their experience working in the classroom as well as working with parents and studied some real scenarios that happened on a daily basis. Everyone was actively engaged in the discussion and activities. More workshops will be scheduled in the upcoming months this year!

Season‘s Greetings and Holiday Celebrations at 2017 Staff Christmas Party

On December 9, about 70 school staff from eight operation sites and some of their families gathered together at Dragon Legend to celebrate the holidays and welcome the arriving of 2018.
Staff members from five daycare centres performed drama, dance and poem. The drama, Little Red Riding Hood, performed by the Mississauga team won the biggest applause from the audience.
This year we welcomed the JINGBAO Richmond Hill team as a new member of our big family. The new centre, which we purchased in September 2017, offers a Mandarin/English bilingual Montessori program to children from Toddler to Gr 6.
We want to thank every staff member who has worked hard throughout the year and made extra contribution to help our school grow steadily. We wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year!

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