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Teaching Mandarin is not only our specialty, it is our passion. And, it is thanks to the expertise of our teachers and advisors that our school has created Live Mandarin™, a methodology which enables students to effectively and efficiently learn Mandarin Chinese.
We teach Putonghua, Simplified Characters and Pinyin, using the language system of Mainland China.
The team at Toronto Mandarin School invites you to contact us and ask us questions. After serving the Toronto community for over 15 years, we are confident in our staff, our teaching methods. We are also confident that you will see results. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to learning Mandarin.

The following are some ineffective techniques we AVOID at Toronto Mandarin School:

  • “Follow-me- and-say” drills. Students find these dull and ineffectual..
  • Large classes. Students receive limited feedback or interaction with the teacher.
  • On-line learning only. Students receive limited opportunity or to correct pronunciation.
  • Home audio lessons only. Students receive limited opportunity or to correct pronunciation.
  • Too much material given at one time. Ineffective and low retention rate.

Instead, Toronto Mandarin School promotes the following teaching methods:

  • Emphasis on practical and daily conversation. If you learn it today, you will use it today.
  • Small classes. Only 3-5 students in a group.
  • Native-speaking teachers. Our teachers have spoken the language since birth and are trained educators.
  • Planned curriculum. Course material is taught systematically, ensuring steady improvement.
  • Innovative teaching method. Group interaction, role play and lively discussion is encouraged and has been proven to deliver results quickly.
  • Personalization. Teachers are aware of each student’s learning style. They collaborate to achieve their goals.

Our value-added services:

  • Free assessment
  • Free trial class
  • Free make-up lessons
  • Free practice sessions
  • Free language exchange with native-speaking partners
  • Free job referrals for individuals who are interested in teaching English in China

Our Staff

teacher 38
Meng Li
Ph.D., M.Ed
 Meng graduated with a B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature Education from Beijing Capital Normal University. She also received an M. Ed. from Brock University, and a Ph.D. in education from the University of Saskatchewan. Meng was a successful language arts teacher in a well-known middle school in Beijing and won many teaching awards. She was also a writer and won the "Best New Writer of the Year" in Beijing. Meng has been teaching Mandarin as a foreign language in Canada for more than 10 years. She emphasizes the importance of students' learning interests and encourages students to practice their Mandarin skills in the real life. Meng also holds the highest level certificate of the "National Proficiency Test of Mandarin" so she is very good at helping students with their pronunciation.
teacher 21
Sylvia Sun
Sylvia is a certified Mandarin teacher. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and received certification for teaching Chinese as a Second Language, from the well-known Beijing Language and Culture University.She also completed her Master's Degree in Education from OISE, University of Toronto. Sylvia is energetic and passionate about teaching Chinese in a western cultural context. She has taught many students of diverse backgrounds.
teacher 3
Gaolan Ouyang
Gaolan is a certified Mandarin teacher from the International Society of Chinese Language Pedagogy. She also graduated from Beijing Capital Normal University in Beijing and taught Mandarin to students of diverse backgrounds for more than 12 years. Gaolan has a thorough understanding of how students learn in today’s classroom and as a result, she is willing to challenge traditional teaching methods in order to engage students and get them learning Mandarin in a fun learning environment.
teacher 12
Lauren Fang Liu
Lauren obtained her Master's Degree in Education at OISE, University of Toronto. She also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Comparative Linguistics from Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU). Lauren is an energetic and fun teacher. As a foreign language teaching practitioner-researcher, she acquired knowledge of the latest theories and research findings that can assist with teaching a second language. She uses this knowledge to understand her students' learning styles and needs. She was also an editor with World Journal of Education and Journal of Curriculum and Teaching.

General Adult Course




Achieve immediate and lasting results with practical learning methods, like role play. Receive constructive feedback and guidance on Mandarin pronunciation from our professional teachers.

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Group of students standing at the library smiling
Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers




Improve Cantonese speaker’s pronunciation and advance to a higher level of Mandarin proficiency.
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Mandarin Corner (Free)




Practice your Mandarin in a social setting. Gain confidence. Improve your pronunciation. Share your stories with other like-minded students every Friday night.
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Private Lesson and Exclusive Group




Work with a private tutor or in an exclusive group. You can schedule lessons to take place at your home, your office or at one of our learning centres.
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