Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers

Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers

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This course is exclusively for Cantonese speakers, who have basic Mandarin conversational skills, but want to brush up on their pronunciation and advance to a higher level of Mandarin proficiency. Students start by developing a solid foundation of Pinyin and tones and then move onto practising the most commonly-used phrases and sentences (more than 100) used in everyday life. A native-speaking teacher will provide feedback and guidance on correct pronunciation. Small groups and one-on-one training is available.



Small Group Semi-private Private
Class Size 3-5 2 1
Rate per Module (20hrs) $499/person $899/person $1199/person
Rate per Level (60hrs) $1299/person $2499/person $3299/person

*The schedule for the one-on-one private lessons and semi-private lessons is flexible.

* All options are subject to $60-$80 of materials fee (book & CD/DVD) per set

* All options are subject to government tax (HST)

* A $100-$200 course design fee will be applied to any curriculum tailored to a specific profession and industry, such as banking/investment, real estate, accounting/finance, legal field and etc.


Class Time: Weekday evenings or Weekends, please consult us for class availability.