​1-on-1 Online (Skype) Course

​1-on-1 Online (Skype) Course

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Many of our Youth and Adult students are busy with family, school and work commitments. This is why we have 1-on-1 online courses, which allow students to learn Mandarin at their convenience and from any location that has a computer and internet connection. Students can connect online with their teacher and enjoy instant feedback, guidance in correct pronunciation and lots of one-on-one practice.

How It Works:

Step 1: Fill out the Inquiry form, below, and indicate your availability in the comment box

Step 2: We will contact you within two business days and help you get ready for a FREE trial lesson

Step 3: During the 30-minute trial lesson, our teacher will evaluate your language performance and help you determine a suitable program

Step 4: Select and purchase the program and the required material. Your designated teacher will arrange the start date with you

Your benefits:

  • 1-on-1 Real-Time Lessons (Skype)
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Flexible Payment Plan
  • Customized Study Plan
  • Qualified Teachers

Available Lessons

  • Express Pinyin (10hrs)
  • Live Mandarin Conversation ( 6 Levels)
  • Travel Mandarin (20hrs)
  • Chinese Reading for intermediate to advanced students
  • Pronunciation classes for Cantonese speakers
  • Chinese Writing for advanced students
  • Supplementary Tutoring


You may purchase the following packages and save money. Your purchased credits will be available for 2 years.

Hours of Instruction Fee
10 $599+tax
20 $1199+tax
Notes: Material Fee: $60-$80 per set


*Our 1-on-1 Online Course (Skype) is an ideal option for current students who require supplemental lessons.