JINGBAO™ Mississauga


3195 Erindale Station Rd, Mississauga, ON L5C 1Y5

Supervisor: Sandy Shen
Contact: 905-848-5332
Email: [email protected] torontomandarinschool.com

Child Care Subsidy is available through the Region of Peel.

For full eligibility details or to use the child care fee subsidy estimator, please visit peelregion.ca/hsapply or call 905-793-9200.

Our Programs

This program prepares young children for preschool. We engage the children in various activities involving music, dance, discussions about our observations while in the classroom and while outdoors. Our 1:5 (teacher to student) ratio allows us work closely with the children, guiding and supporting them as they become independent students.

Please check with the site supervisor for a copy of the daily schedule.

The Preschool program is an extension of the Toddler Program. Our teachers continue to guide your young children toward independent learning and self care. As your children start to express themselves more, we introduce more hands-on lessons, i.e. arts and crafts, sensory play and observations.

Our lessons and the classroom environment promote individual thought, as well as teamwork. Our students benefit greatly from our discovery learning centres, our outdoor activities and our immersion program. They graduate fully prepared to succeed in Kindergarten.

Please check with the site supervisor for a copy of the daily schedule.

The Kindergarten Program naturally progresses from the Preschool Program to an advanced level of learning where there is more emphasis on reading, math and art. Your child will continue to strengthen his/her Mandarin language skills (70% Mandarin, 30% English), while simultaneously preparing for grade 1 in the public school system.

Please check with the site supervisor for a copy of the daily schedule.

Looking for a fun, educational and rewarding extra-curricular activity for your child? Our weekend classes are a great option that lasts the entire school year. We have Saturday morning and afternoon classes for different age groups. All children, regardless of language experience or cultural background, are welcome.

Class Time: Saturday,10:00 am-12:00 pm

Program Choice:

We provide an after-school program (includes: Mandarin classes, homework club, arts & sports and a nutritious snack) and 2 scheduling options. Your child may attend our full-care option (Monday to Friday, 3:30pm – 6:00pm) or our custom (you choose the amount of days) option.

Please check with the site supervisor for a copy of the daily schedule.

Our camps are a fun and convenient way to introduce the Mandarin language and Chinese culture to your children. Our “campers” get the opportunity to learn, play, sing, dance and make friends while fully immersed in a Mandarin-speaking environment.

Our theme-based camp (every year a different theme is selected) is packed with lots of arts & crafts, sports, music & dance, guest speakers/performers and field trips.

Please consult the site supervisor for availability and registration details.

We have a March Break, Summer and Winter Camp. Our schedules coincide with the public/separate school boards. Please consult with site supervisor or email [email protected] for more information.

Facilities and Activities

Our Staff

teacher 28
Yijun Zhou
Yijun graduated from the Early Childhood Education Program at Sheridan College. She loves to work with and help children learn and develop their communication skills. She likes to get to know each student - understanding their learning style and personality - and then using that knowledge to teach them in an appropriate manner. Yijun understands the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships with her students and their parents.
teacher 31
Jian Tong
Jian has a Bachelor's Degree in Chinese Literature from East China Normal University and a Diploma in Professional Primary Education (Arts) from Shanghai Normal University. Her credentials also include: Senior Teacher of the Primary Language qualifications and Mandarin-Level Certification. Jian has over 12 years of experience teaching Chinese. Currently, she is working toward getting her Early Childhood Education Diploma. Jian is respected for her extensive experience, professionalism and patience. She is not afraid to experiment with new teaching methods. She is appreciated for her dynamic and animated teaching style.
teacher 30
Rosy Zheng
Rosy has an ECE Diploma from Mohawk College and a Child and Youth Study Degree from Brock University. Rosy studied traditional Chinese art in China. After immigrating to Canada, she discovered her passion for teaching young children. Rosy loves to work with children and enjoys playing, guiding and learning along with them. She believes that positive support and encouragement helps children build confidence and helps them to develop a life-long love of learning.
teacher 35
Lin Chen
Lin is an experienced early childcare educator with over 20 years of experience. During her 12-year career in China, Lin taught and mentored children in preparation for numerous national contests. After immigrating to Canada, she worked at various childcare centres for eight years. Lin enjoys working with children and they love her dearly. Lin believes children learn best when they are playing and engaging in creative and fun activities.
teacher 29
Sandy Shen
RECE, B.Ed, Site Supervisor
Sandy graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Education (China). As well, she received a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Centennial College, Toronto. Sandy acquired more than 10 years of teaching experience in China, Singapore and Canada. She is very creative in designing lesson plans and has a thorough understanding of second language teaching methodology. Sandy shows great interest in her students and provides them with many hands-on activities to stimulate their interest in learning.